Rental Appraisal: What is your property worth?

Arranging your property investment appraisal is easy

Are you thinking about renting out your property in Adelaide but would like a property investment appraisal first?

With McGrath Real Estate by your side it will be easier than you think to find out what your property is worth on the rental market.

We can arrange a property investment appraisal for you that takes into account our intimate knowledge of Adelaide, and the hundreds of properties we currently manage for happy landlords.

All we need to get started is your contact information and then some brief information about the property you would like to have appraised.

By entering your information into our system, you will be contacted by our Property Specialist who is best equipped to handle your enquiry.

Rental Appraisal

Should I sell my house or should I rent it out?


We help property owners and investors think through this question almost every day.

In an article entitled, Should I sell my house or rent it out? Your motive matters, we reflect on changes in Australian society, and how the property market today operates less rigidly than it did a generation or two ago.

It is a good article to read, to help you think through your pathway to becoming a landlord.

No matter which way you decide to go, we look forward to helping you make a decision based on our evidence-based property investment appraisal process.