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A Christmas Turkey to celebrate with your loved ones

A Christmas Turkey to celebrate with your loved ones

Amanda Scali   24/11/2020 12:02pm

What a year 2020 has been! No doubt celebrating Christmas with those you love will be more important than ever this year given all the craziness, and we are hoping that you can be together with your nearest and dearest this year.
If you are hosting Christmas, you might be looking to cook up a traditional Christmas Turkey for all to enjoy. And if you are isolated from your family this year, maybe you could both cook the same turkey recipe and enjoy it via Skype or Facetime together.
Here is a recipe that is sure to delight on Christmas night.
How to be a more present parent, partner or friend

How to be a more present parent, partner or friend

Amanda Scali   17/11/2020 2:55pm

We all hope that we can be the type of parent, partner or friend that really listens when our loved ones are talking to us.
When you were expecting your first child, had just met your beloved or started a new friendship I bet you had some ideas of just how you wanted things to be, or how you didn’t want them to be.
And one of those ideas might have been to be present in your relationships, to live in the moment.
We can sometimes have ‘grand’ ideas at the start, and then one-day ‘life’ happens, and we have a partner of ten years or three children all chattering around the kitchen bench, and instead of being that present person, we are more engrossed in our phones, our work or our own problems.
You might stop and look at yourself in horror, wondering, how did I get here, and it might be time to put the phone down and pay more attention to those you love.
Here are our tips for being more present.
Puppy proofing your home

Puppy proofing your home

Amanda Scali   10/11/2020 10:38am

Are you getting ready to welcome a new family member of the furry variety into your home?
2020 has been a crazy old year, and you might be looking to expand your family with the four-legged, lick you in the face type of family member.
There is no doubt that dogs can bring a lot of joy, fun and companionship.
But before you bring home a new puppy home, you will need to pet-proof your abode so that the experience is a good one.
Here are our top tips for puppy-proofing your home.
Grilled Chicken Cobb Caesar Salad

Grilled Chicken Cobb Caesar Salad

Amanda Scali   2/11/2020 2:45pm

With this beautiful warmer weather, you might be looking to add some lighter style dishes for lunches, BBQs and dinners.
This Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad is delicious and perfect to take to a friend’s house for a BBQ as a side dish, to pack as a work lunch or just because.
It’s filling enough to be the main affair but works well as a side salad too.
 Support local this Holiday Season

Support local this Holiday Season

Amanda Scali   27/10/2020 10:27am

With Christmas fast approaching (8 weeks to be exact) it might be time for the organised at heart to think about doing your Christmas shopping for friends, family and colleagues.
Let's face it Christmas shopping can be challenging and time-consuming… You might love it, you might dread it, but it's best not to leave it to the last minute, especially if you like to order online as this year there will be more delays due to Corona Virus and postage delays.
Ways to look after your Tenant and be a good Landlord

Ways to look after your Tenant and be a good Landlord

Amanda Scali   21/10/2020 11:19am

If you have an investment property or several, you would know that having good tenants is key to ensuring that your property is well cared for, the rent is paid on time and hopefully your tenant will stay for a longer period of time.
If your tenant is happy and feels their needs are being met, they will hopefully in most cases, look after your property like it is their own.
Here are some ways to look after your tenant.
Rosemary and Mustard Roast Beef

Rosemary and Mustard Roast Beef

Amanda Scali   13/10/2020 10:37am

With the longer days and warmer nights, it might have you in the mood for some outdoor entertaining at home with friends or your family.
Gather those you love around at your house to share a delicious meal, a glass of vino or two and some laughs after what can only be described as a topsy turvy year!
This Roast Beef recipe is perfect for such an occasion. Cooked to perfection with rosemary, garlic and mustard it is oh so delicious.
How to be a good friend

How to be a good friend

Amanda Scali   6/10/2020 11:52am

There is no doubt that as we age, friendships get harder. We have less free time, more stressors at home and in the workplace and frankly just less time to hang out.
But friendships are important for many reasons and add so much value to our lives with support, companionship and even just someone to have a giggle and be light-hearted with.
But friendships do require some work to maintain, and one of the ways to have good friends is to be one.
So, here are our top tips for friendships.
Ways to save money when moving to a new house

Ways to save money when moving to a new house

Amanda Scali   29/09/2020 12:28pm

Do you have a move coming up? Maybe you are moving into a bigger house with a backyard or downsizing to something more manageable.
Moving can not only be stressful, but it can also be a costly exercise.
Luckily with some planning, there are some ways you can save on costs when the big move comes around.
Here are our top tips:
Healthy Butter Chicken Deliciousness

Healthy Butter Chicken Deliciousness

Amanda Scali   22/09/2020 2:57pm

Who doesn’t love a hearty meal of an Indian favourite butter chicken? This Northern Indian delight is one that the whole family will enjoy.
Get cooking with the kids in the kitchen and make up a big batch of this delicious dish. Serve with fresh basmati rice and papadums.
Perfect to freeze for a later date or to take into the office for lunches.   
Ways to be more happy

Ways to be more happy

Amanda Scali   15/09/2020 12:45pm

We’ve all got one of those friends that always seems… well happy. You know the one always with a smile on their dial, they might have trying times and things thrown their way in life, but they seem to roll with it and get on with living in a happy and positive way.
You might think that being the happy one is an unachievable goal for you, but you can do small things each and every day to be a happier person.
And now more than ever, happiness is what the world needs right now.
Here are our tips to increase your happiness vibe:
Spring clean

Spring clean

Amanda Scali   9/09/2020 11:31am

The flowers are blooming, the birds are serenading, but maybe your house still feels like it’s stuck with the winter blues. You can breathe new life into your home after a long winter by giving it a good spring clean.
Spring cleaning is a tradition that allows us to freshen up our homes and get a head start on the hectic seasons of spring and summer.
Here are our top tips for spring cleaning your home: