Ways to look after your Tenant and be a good Landlord
By Amanda Scali

21/10/2020 11:19am

Ways to look after your Tenant and be a good Landlord
If you have an investment property or several, you would know that having good tenants is key to ensuring that your property is well cared for, the rent is paid on time and hopefully your tenant will stay for a longer period of time.
If your tenant is happy and feels their needs are being met, they will hopefully in most cases, look after your property like it is their own.
Here are some ways to look after your tenant.
Deal with questions and repairs quickly!
It’s not always ideal when matters arise that need fixing or maintaining as it can cost you money but fixing repairs and dealing with maintenance promptly can help show your tenant that you care about the property and their experience in it.
Provide Instruction Manuals
Provide instructions manuals for all the items that come with the home such as aircon, dishwashers, stovetops, etc. This will allow the tenant to troubleshoot any issues they may have themselves before needing to contact the real estate agent or yourself for maintenance or repairs.

Useful Information
If there are any quirks with the house or tips and tricks pass on this information to your tenant so they can look after your valuable asset like it was their own.
Also, if there are any tips for the garden or upkeep of the plants that can be helpful for your tenant pass on this information so they can look after your garden.

 Housewarming Gift
If you want to impress and start the relationship off on good footing, you might want to give them a little housewarming gift to welcome them to your home and neighbourhood.
A bunch of flowers, bottle of wine or voucher to the local pub for dinner will never go astray and will show that you care about your tenant.

Maintain a business relationship
If you are managing the property with an agent or independently, it is best to keep your distance and never show up at the property unannounced no matter how good a relationship you have with the tenant.
This is now their space, and all communications should go through the real estate agent or an agreed channel.

Consider suggested improvements
If your tenant has contacted you with a suggestion to enhance the property such as adding a shade sail outside, inbuilt wardrobes or other items that might make their experience at the house better and more comfortable it’s worth considering.
It might be something that is worth it in enhancing the property value, keeping a good tenant, and could also be a tax deduction for you.

Send them a Christmas Card
A small but kind gesture, send them a card to say thank you for looking after the property. They will appreciate your thought and care.