When will I sell my house? Real estate realities vs crystal ball gazing
By Amanda Scali

20/10/2016 12:00am

When will I sell my house? Real estate realities vs crystal ball gazing

When will I sell my house, has been the age-old question facing vendors since real estate began.

And if you're reading this, you're probably asking the question yourself after making the decision to put your house on the market so you can get the ball rolling on the great plans you have for the next phase of your life.

Beware the crystal ball gazers

If you put "the question" to a variety of local real estate agencies, confusingly, you’ll likely receive a range of responses, some vague and some definitive.

The one to be wary of is a promise that your home will sell within a specified timeframe, or, just as suspiciously, how much it will sell for.

The answers to those questions cannot be predicted with any certainty whatsoever and those that try to do so should not be taken seriously.

Granted, an agent may have sold a nearly identical property last week for a great price, but what if that buyer was the only one out there looking for such a home?

So, when will I sell my house?

McGrath Real Estate’s trained and experienced agents know better than to try to predict the unknowable or to make promises they can’t keep.

Instead, we work with tried and tested systems to help you to sell your house in the shortest possible time for the best possible price.

Selling systems that work

We work with you to develop a marketing plan that will bring your home to the forefront of the attention of buyers in the marketplace.

We help you to declutter and depersonalise your home and advise you on home staging to present it in its very best light to prospective buyers.

We give you the edge for inspections and open homes by using invisible factors such as stimulating buyers’ senses of hearing and smell.

We provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis to give you comprehensive quantitative and qualitative data with which to determine a realistic selling price for your home that will be attractive to the market.

If after your home has been on the market for a time, you haven’t received the response you had hoped for, we’ll work with you to revisit the sale price you have set compared with other homes for sale in the local area to ensure that it is competitive.

We take the time to help you make the best decisions

If you really do need to sell your house in a hurry (if you have been appointed to a new job interstate, for example), then we’ll work through with you the pros and cons of selling your house by auction rather than by private treaty.

In fact, we even have an article that compares selling your home by auction or private treaty, feel free to browse it now.

McGrath Real Estate has built a reputation for excellence in Adelaide western and coastal property sales over two generations and we have earned that by telling you the truth and sharing the facts of the market with our clients.

Please contact us to discover more about how we can help you to sell your home sooner by coming to grips with real estate realities.