Puppy proofing your home
By Amanda Scali

10/11/2020 10:38am

Puppy proofing your home
Are you getting ready to welcome a new family member of the furry variety into your home?
2020 has been a crazy old year, and you might be looking to expand your family with the four-legged, lick you in the face type of family member.
There is no doubt that dogs can bring a lot of joy, fun and companionship.
But before you bring home a new puppy home, you will need to pet-proof your abode so that the experience is a good one.
Here are our top tips for puppy-proofing your home.
Electrical wires and cords
The living area has technical gadgets and loose cords your puppy might like to chew.
Put away your charging cables, and anything else at risk of being chewed up, including magazines and even pillows.
Indoor plants 
You may be surprised to find that a variety of plants that you may keep around your household are actually toxic for your puppy and can cause vomiting, diarrhoea or more serious effects.
Other pets
While all your pets may become the best of friends soon enough, when you first bring your puppy home you need to ensure their safety by making sure all cages and aquariums are puppy proofed by securely fastening them and keeping them out of your inquisitive puppy’s reach.
Puppies love following their noses into your garbage. If you don’t make sure that your bins are covered, or are placed somewhere they can’t reach, your puppy can easily sneak into the bin and ingest food that is toxic to them. Not to mention making quiet a mess!
Secure fences 
When you first bring your puppy home they should never be allowed outside without your supervision. Check that your fences are stable and there is no way that your puppy can escape by digging under, wriggling through or jumping over a gate.