Light and bright
By Amanda Scali

13/05/2020 2:06pm

Light and bright

We have all been spending a lot more time at home recently, and you might be looking for simple and easy ways to brighten your home and make it feel more homely.

Making the space we live in feel cosy and comfortable can also help us deal with stress and brings an excellent sense of calm into the home daily

Soft lighting, greenery and sunlight can help lift our moods and provide an ambience of home being a safe and inviting space to be in.

Here are some ideas for getting your home light and bright as we head into the winter months.


Rearrange your furniture

Change can be as good as a holiday, and with a bit more time on your hands, you might want to look at moving things around a bit to bring in more light and to change up your daily outlook.

Paint your walls in a neutral colour palette

If your house is feeling a little dark, giving you walls a splash of white or light paint might do wonders for how your home feels, it could feel and look a whole lot bigger and add warmth to your space.


Put plants everywhere

Plants add colour and make a home feel gorgeous and cosy. Add plants everywhere, in your main living rooms, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

Bring the great outdoors inside and add a splash of colour to your space.

It is sure to brighten your mood.

Get light-coloured furniture

Just like painting your walls a lighter colour, a lighter colour in your furnishing can change a space up instantly. Light coloured furniture will make your space feel and look bigger.

You can add colourful rugs and pillows to brighten up your space as well.

Get creative with the lighting

Soft, warm, inviting lighting will enhance your space and make it feel cosy and warm. Add lamps and different coloured lights to add a refresh to your space.

Go wild with mirrors

Mirrors add light and can help make a space appear more significant than it is. Add mirrors to rooms with window views, hallways to make them look bigger and any space that you would like to reflect a bit of light around in.

Get a statement rug

Something that screams happiness or provides a sense of calm can add texture and love to your home.

Adding rugs can make your house cosy and adds a bit of creative flair and colour.