Planning for change
By Amanda Scali

29/01/2019 11:08am


It’s always interesting to see how different people go about deciding on which house to buy, particularly for owner-occupiers as they can have a far more complex set of priorities than investors who are looking mainly for cash flow and returns.


People are inevitably at different stages in their lives when we meet and have different needs when purchasing a home, but how many of us really take the time to think through where we will be in 5 -10 years, and will this house still suit of lifestyles?


So, what can change?


Change is a constant in life, and managing that change is often very difficult. Setting yourself up in a home that can accommodate your changes as they arise is a great way to keep some stability in your life as everything else moves around us.


Are kids on the horizon?


A classic situation people can find themselves in is living in a home they have purchased a couple of years earlier and along comes baby number 1, and then baby number 2, and so on.


The luxury and flexibility of beachside apartment living which worked well for the young couple pre-kids can become less than ideal, as space for the new arrivals, proximity to family members and support, and location in the right school zone become the new set of priorities.


Is a sea change on the cards?


In this reality that we now live where life is so globally focused through things like social media, television and global companies, it’s not surprising that some people’s 5 -10 year plan of buying a home by the coast and maybe having a couple of kids changes as in many professions it’s not unusual for work to take people to places they never thought they’d go.


How do you plan for change?


Well, simply put, we can’t predict the future and most of us really don’t know for sure where we will be in the medium to long term, so when change arrives, you can only do the best you can.


Usually, someone’s first home will not be the last one they buy, so you don’t have to stress out too much about having something now that will be fit for every possible situation.


The best idea is to buy what suits you now, and that can still suit you in 5 years’ time all going to plan and go from there.


And remember, we’re always here to help.