Make the most of your Australia Day!
By Amanda Scali

21/01/2019 11:38am

With Australia day just around the corner, our minds wander to the ever-important question of what do we cook for our guests on Australia day that will have everyone at the party feeling happy, healthy, and patriotic?


For us, there’s nothing quite like the good old Aussie BBQ fired up on Australia day, with a load of prime Australia Lamb on the menu.


If you’re someone who struggles to come up with just the perfect thing for the day, not to fear, we’ve got you covered with this great recipe for mouth-watering Lamb chops that’s sure to be the perfect accompaniment to your celebration of all that makes Australia great.


What you’ll need:


6 loin chops

½ cup mirin

¼ cup soy sauce (light)

1 garlic clove

small knob of ginger, finely grated

2 tsp. brown sugar

2 tsp. black pepper

2 tsp. plain flour




Combine all the ingredients together in a mixing bowl. Pour marinade over the chops, cover and refrigerate (overnight if possible). Super simple.


Heat the lightly oiled grill side of the BBQ, and when hot simply place the marinated chops onto the grill. Cook for 1-2 mins each side, or until cooked to your liking.


Of course, if you’re entertaining the hungry hoards, you can simply get more chops, make up more marinade, and repeat the cooking process.


And in the interests of a balanced meal, feel free to combine the lamb with some grilled broccolini, some oven-roasted potatoes, and a fresh green summer salad.


And to wash it all down, can we really go past the amazing wines, beers and spirits that South Australia produces? We have so much world-class produce to choose from, and that alone is something to celebrate!


There’s really something special about celebrating all things Australia on this special day of the year.


It’s easy as we go about our busy lives during the year to take this place for granted, so take a minute out of the celebrations on Australia day to take stock of just how lucky we are.