Diversity is beautiful
By Amanda Scali

22/08/2018 10:23am

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this proves true in the myriad of different home styles, both inside and out, that we see every day.


A house starts as a blank canvas in an architect’s office, and it’s not until they work their magic that someone’s future home starts to take shape.


It is the beauty of diversity in people that make that same design into its many different (and beautiful) variations, with each being beautiful for a different reason and to a different person.


What makes each house a home is the people in it, and what makes each one different from the next is the diversity between people.


We are so blessed to have the luxury of choosing the homes we live in and making them beautiful in our own eyes.

See things differently

It’s a wonderful thing that we all see the world that bit differently, and sometimes it means that what’s beautiful to one person, may not be to another.


In a world full of different people and different definitions of beautiful, your home is a unique expression of you. It will show your tastes, your passions and your personality to others even without you realising it.


Remember, your difference is what makes you uniquely you, and in that, you create diversity for those around you, in the same way, they do for you.