How can I sell my house fast? McGrath Real Estate tips to drive your sale through
By Amanda Scali

11/08/2016 12:00am

How can I sell my house fast? McGrath Real Estate tips to drive your sale through

Obtaining a dream job interstate can induce euphoria, quickly followed by anxiety — How am I going to sell my house fast?

If you ever find yourself in the situation of needing to sell your home in a hurry, don’t panic!

You can increase your chances of selling your house within a tight timeframe without attracting less than its true worth, even though the market forces of supply and demand are outside your control.

Three Ps to help "sell my house fast"

If there is an oversupply of homes for sale in your area that are similar to yours, you need to be aware of it so you can work within the situation.

Your McGrath Real Estate agent has their finger on the pulse of the homes on the market against which yours is competing and their relative strengths and weaknesses.

Let’s take a look at the key facets of selling and how to make them work for you when you need to sell quickly:

  • Price
  • Presentation
  • Promotion

While these factors are always important in selling property, if you are pushed for time you need be even more particular about them.

Selling Fast: Price

When you don’t have the luxury of waiting to attract the buyer who is willing to pay top dollar for your home, rely on an experienced local agent to find the balance between a high price and one that enables you to meet your deadline.

In this situation, it does not necessarily pay to ask a higher price than you are prepared to accept, because it may cost you weeks or months, and delay you moving into that new home you’ve fallen in love with.

Selling Fast: Presentation

If you need to sell your home quickly then you know you’ll soon be on the move.

Take the opportunity to cull your possessions and pack up all but the essentials now to give your home a tidier, more spacious look for potential buyers.

Obviously now is not the time for major redecorating, but be sure to depersonalise the contents and d├ęcor as much as possible to make your home inviting to the broadest range of buyers possible. I go into this further in the article, Personality vs price: Real estate selling tips for Adelaide’s western and coastal suburbs.

It’s easy to forget the outside of your home, so cast a critical eye at the exterior, especially from the street.

Does it need any of the following done to enhance the first impression it will give to buyers?

  • wash down walls and soffits (the underside of arches, balconies, or overhanging eaves)
  • trim trees and bushes and weed gardens
  • clear leaves from gutters
  • pressure clean paths, driveways and concrete stairs
  • clean rubbish bins
  • remove ‘junk’ (anything that doesn’t belong)

Selling Fast: Promotion

When you want to sell quickly, you need to use a subtler approach than sticking a sign on your car saying, ‘Going overseas, must sell CHEAP!’, or risk buyers sensing your desperation.

Discuss with your agent the option of investing in premium or additional marketing to ensure that your home stands out from the others competing for buyers in the same demographic.

A professional real estate agent experienced in your local area will tailor promotion of your property to create a sense of urgency in buyers, without displaying your cards.

Finally, if you need to sell your home fast, here is my best advice—listen to your agent.

There is no point engaging an agent to work on your behalf if you won’t act on their advice (see next week’s blog entry on how to choose a real estate agent).

Need to sell now?

Talk to us at McGrath Real Estate about how to best position your home in the local marketplace for a swift sale without the stress.